To ensure that your business is ready for the biggest sale of the year and added pressure to deliver your customer products, reach out to us to help you!

Easy Link’s network is equipped to support your business logistics it needs this Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. We offer 24/7, same day delivery in the UK & Europe; we have you covered nationwide!

Our top tips to ensure a successful delivery weekend:

Plan your delivery drivers and vehicles

While you may have your own fleet of vehicles and drivers, busy periods can stretch even the biggest companies. That’s why if you need additional drivers or extra vehicles, we can offer backup and ease the demand on your own fleet.

Whether you need an entire fleet or just a handful of vehicles or drivers to cover annual or sick leave, we’re there. We have vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from small vans right up to artic lorries to ensure that you don’t miss a single delivery, and you can continue to delight customers.

Prepare your stock ahead of time

For a busy sales weekend, it’s vital that your stock levels are maintained to meet demand, especially as following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is the Christmas period and ultimately Boxing Day sales.

Our same day courier service means we can collect from your suppliers and deliver new stock directly to you without delay. This keeps your logistics chain moving and stock levels replenished across the entire peak season.

Partner with a flexible freight service 

We can scale up or down to suit your Black Friday and Cyber Monday logistics requirements. By us being flexible, it means we can adjust to your customer demand, whether it’s not as high as expected or more than you anticipated, we’re here to help with any situation. We can also handle last-minute delivery requests and we even have options to support overnight delivery so that consignments can be delivered in the early hours.

Partner with dedicated drivers

On a day as busy as Black Friday, having dedicated drivers who are trained and equipped to manage the demands of your business, helps to minimise delays, and streamline your logistics.

We can offer you regular delivery drivers who will get to know and understand your business. If you have any special requirements, for example, there are specific security protocols at your premises, you can ask for a regular courier who knows and understands those protocols.

Having a courier service, you can trust and rely on gives you confidence that your logistics requirements are in safe hands.

Easy Link specialises in planning delivery routes and delivering locally, nationally, and internationally, even when the pressure is on.

Whether you need an extra pair of hands to cope with demand, or complete end-to-end logistics services this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, any time day or night we’ll be there.