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In the food and drinks industry, the demand from your customers can fluctuate sometimes unpredictable so it’s often imperative to have a reliable sameday courier and freight company on standby to keep your customers shelves stocked and kitchen operating.

Having a dedicated vehicle within the hour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows you ultimate flexibility in getting the product to your customer on time.

Easy Link Freight courier service offer a dedicated van and light haulage ambient transport services that guarantees our customers dedicated transport able to move your goods directly from A to B in the shortest and most efficient way possible.

Dedicated Service means no co loading with other items therefore there is no chance of your goods being cross contamination. There is minimal handling of your items, and tracked vehicles across the fleet means you will always know where your items are up on route to your customers.

We understand the sensitivity of transporting food and drink items therefore our drivers are trained to handle and transport your goods while maintaining clean and safe vehicles.

With over 6,000 vehicles up and down the UK, we guarantee our customers to have a van anywhere in the UK within 1 hour of booking so get yourself ready for the holiday seasons with a reliable, 5 star, 24/7 courier who is proven in the food and drink industry by contacting us today.

‘Easy Link Freight are always at the end of the phone, ready to supply us with rapid, reliable transport to all of our customers throughout the whole of the UK. Weekdays, Weekends and throughout the night, Easy Link have a vehicle available to get our goods to our customers every time’ – Rebecca, Best Food Logistics

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