Express Pallet Transport

Hybrid Model with Easy Link Freight

Pallet Networks offer great value for UK-wide deliveries, but relying solely on them isn’t always the most cost-effective or efficient. By combining Easy Link Freight’s dedicated service with group network provider, our hybrid approach saves you money overall. For instance, while groupage charge per pallet, our solution reduces costs significantly, especially for short-distance, high pallet counts. For example, delivering four pallets 30 miles away could cost £160-£200 with a groupage transport model, but only £90 with Easy Link Freight dedicated vehicle. Plus, our dedicated service allows you to choose collection times that suit you, reduce the risk of loss and damages and allows you to offer your clients same day delivery.



Why choose Easylink?

  • Dedicated Vehicles

  • Less chance of damage or loss of goods

  • Competitively priced against pallet network.

  • Taken directly to the destination

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Quick and easy booking

365 days a year

Full UK

Specialists in
same day transport


1 hour
response time


General Haulage

Easylink are specialists in linking you to your suppliers and customers nationwide through our sameday and next day delivery service. With access to 6,000 vehicles you can be assured your product will be delivered safely, securely and on time.

We have vehicles delivering across the UK & Europe 7 days a week, and are able to collect and deliver from any location within the UK & Europe.

Using Easylink

Direct delivery from A to B

Flexible loading and delivery times

Minimise risk of damage or loss

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Sameday Delivery

Easy booking process

Competitively priced

24/7 service

Using Groupage

Trans Shipping – Increased risk of damage

High levels of goods lost

2 Day lead times

Multiple handovers/offloading/loading

Increased risk of errors due to co-loading

Fuel surcharges & other hidden costs