With the degrees decreasing and the winter dark and cold days increasing, will we be in for a white Christmas?

The meteorologist has suggested the “Beast from the East” which brought the UK to a grinding halt back in 2018 amid heavy snow could return in the coming weeks. He pointed out pressure building over Russian Siberia which has combined with strong easterly winds in the latest weather models.

Mr Rao told GB News: “So we can only really tell five to 10 days in advance with any certainty but there are signs that this beast is gonna bite.

“Possibly the end of the first week in December, the second week in December, the weather models are all starting to show up and again we’re talking about pressure.

“It is high pressure over Russia, Siberia, and Scandinavia that’s encroaching towards the UK, and on the southern flank of that easterly winds come in.

“And if you remember 2018 is the last time when we had the proper ‘beast from the East’, this was February 2018 when it crippled the country, huge snowfall minus 40-degree temperatures.

“We’re not seeing anything like that yet, but the signs are there that we should be getting our winter coats ready, so we might get it.

Source: Beast from the East to ‘cripple’ UK by next weekend in time for ‘white Christmas’ (msn.com)

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